Kazakhstan vs Montenegro

Kazakhstan hosts Montenegro in a World Cup qualifying game from Group E.This is a game which is much more important for Montenegro than it is for Kazakhstan. The Balkan team is currently second in the group, having the same amount of points as the third Denmark. Montenegro is in a very good position to chase their dream of qualifying for the World Cup, but if they want to achieve it, they must continue winning as many points as possible.Their record so far is three wins, one draw, and two losses. Goal difference is 14:7. In their last game they beat Armenia with 4-1 at home, but before that, they were in an unpleasant run of two consecutive losses.As for Kazakhstan, they are on the last 6th place in the group with just 2 points so far. Their record is zero wins, two draws, and four losses. Goal difference is 4:16, which is not very good at all. They are in a run of three consecutive losses, the last one being suffered against Denmark at home – 1-3.Because of overall quality, performance and form, Montenegro are the favorites here. They are in a really strong position to chase the second place in the group and they know that it’s an opportunity they should use at any cost. They had the luck to be in a fairly good group for them and so far they are using well their luck. But the fight in this group is still not over. Denmark also has the desire to win the second place, so nothing is over just yet.As for Kazakhstan, they will try to use their home ground advantage here. And they are probably already planning their participation in the next qualifying campaign. Let’s see how they will do against one of the strong teams in this group.