If you are looking for inspiration for your next bets, you’ve come to the right place. In our free soccer tips, we will offer you some ideas and advice for your betting activity. Are you ready to win some money?

Today we are going to talk about the idea of placing a bet against the team which is favored to win. This is a clever way to win a bet with high odds if you bet on a draw or even more – if you bet on the team which is labeled as an outsider.

How to choose these games? Well, let’s get real – most of the biggest clubs in Europe play regularly in the Champions League. And very often they make a mistake in the domestic league before or after an important clash in the Champions League.

The main reasons are two – they are either saving themselves for the Champions League game or they are tired after it. In many cases, when a big team has a Champions League game, the manager is leaving some of his star players on the bench for the domestic league game.

This is your chance to win a bet with high odds against the so-called favorite teams. Just do your research and see if the moment is good for a bit like this. Is the manager talking about benching important players? Is this team prioritizing Champions League instead of the domestic league? Is this team suffering from injuries or suspensions before/after important games in Europe?

These are things to have in mind before trying this strategy. It’s pretty much risky, but it could be very rewardable as well.

This was our tip in our free soccer tips for today. In case you’ve decided to try this strategy, we sincerely wish you a good luck!