Denmark vs Romania

Denmark hosts Romania in a match from Group E of the World Cup qualifying campaign in Europe.Denmark is currently 2nd in this group and most surely they will finish the campaign at this position. There’s theoretical chance they could finish 1st or even 3rd, but these are really long shots. Because of the specifics of the current situation, 99% the Danish team will be second after the final round is over.We can call it a successful qualifying campaign for Denmark. Their goal was at least second place and the opportunity to participate in the playoffs. They achieved it. Yes, they can hope that Montenegro is going to beat Poland in the final round, so they could finish first, but it would be really surprised if it happens.As for Romania, this was a truly disappointing campaign for the Balkan team. Romania is currently 4th in the group with 12 points and they are going to finish at this position. They have a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, which tells us how inconsistent they have been in this group so far. They started the campaign with ambitions for qualifying, as this group was not that tough, but once again they didn’t show what’s needed to find a place at the World Cup.Denmark proved to be hard to beat in this group. They have lost only twice, losing games against Montenegro and Poland. We should note that Denmark is the team with the best defense in this group. They have conceded just 7 goals in this group so far, which tells us that they have been pretty solid so far.Can Romania finish their campaign on a high note? Denmark needs at least a point to secure the second place, but Romania can play for their honor in this one.